Hindu temple of Atlanta Design by ArchitectureDesigning.com

hindu temple of atlanta design by architecturedesigning.com

Client Aim is to design 3 building blocks of Mandir having separate entrance also have a back of house linked with each other Also he wants a Modern living society row houses for TourismBuilding and Landscape Design by ArchitectureDesigning.com Hindu Temple of Atlanta Hinduism is one of the fastest growing religious communities in Georgia. Hindus […]

Modern cozy house Design in chalet style

Modern cozy house Design in chalet style front side

Cozy House Design : Client Aim is to provide design and a Beautiful day time view to sale his property quickly. Swiss chalet style : The Style is Characterized by: gabled roofs with wide eaves exposed construction beams, including large brackets decorative carving and mouldings balconies large windows weatherboarding, usually painted, often in bright colors […]

Landscape Lighting Highlighting Landscape Architecture at Night design isometric view

Landscape Lighting Highlighting Landscape Architecture at Night design isometric view

Brightening any buildings during night time and showing off its features Landscape lighting is used to illuminate aspects of a building’s exterior and surrounding gardening during nighttime. Most modern landscape lighting is low voltage, which is safer and less costly to install. Although low-voltage lights, operating at 12 volts, receive one-tenth the voltage that a 120-volt […]

Modern front door designs 2021

Main door design Purpose Of Doors In A House: Doors connect your internal space to the external world and also link different parts of your house. A closed-door can control noise pollution in the house, by blocking external sounds. By choosing the right material, doors can also help in preventing the spread of fire inside […]

Modern exterior house design in Australia

This is the idea of the trendiest matter. The concept of the contemporary exterior is considered as modern design in architectural focuses. If you’re looking to achieve a luxury elegant and contemporary look to the exterior of your property, then consider installing high-quality outdoor lighting. FRONT FACADE DESIGN This project is a set of goals […]

Modern House in Australia

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