Rooftop Play Area

Rooftop Play Area

It is a concrete slab with a rubberized surface. There is a safety barrier around the perimeter of the play area. The roof is also covered with a shade structure to protect the children from the sun.

Scope of Work: 

Designing | 3D visualization


3ds max + Corona Render engine

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Ivy with outdoor play area on roof top

play area for kids with pargola sitting

Outdoor sitting area render



Walkway with bushes and flowers


When it comes to designing the playground, the rules are a little different on the roof. The play area needs to have an 8ft high barrier around it and the equipment needs to be set back 6ft from it. Rooftop spaces can get hot. Make sure to look at shade options when planning the play space. Look at slide orientation with regards to sun exposure. Slides should always face north or east.

  1. Structural Restrictions

  2. Site Access

  3. Installation Timeline

  4. Mounting Components (remember level is everything)

  5. Surfacing

  6. Playground Layout