Rooftop Oasis: A Modern and Sustainable Landscape Design

Rooftop landscape design

A the process of creating and maintaining a garden on the roof of a building. It is a popular trend in urban areas, where it can provide a much-needed respite from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Scope of Work : Designing | 3D visualization

SoftwareSketchup + Lumion

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An aerial view of a house with a rooftop garden and patio. The house is modern and rectangular, with a flat roof. The rooftop garden is large and covered in vegetation, including trees, shrubs, and flowers. There is also a patio on the rooftop, with a table and chairs. The house is located in a city, and the surrounding area is mostly urban.

Outdoor Gallery Stairs and Plants

Roof top design with conservatory and outdoor sitting area

Outdoor concrete Stair case top view

Isometric view of House backside
Gavels with planters and conservatory

Basement View of Backyard with planters and green wall along with outdoor concrete steps

Top view of residential building along outdoor wooden deck, outdoor sitting area, glass conservatory

Concrete pavers with wooden sitting furniture and bollards lights

Basement backside view of sunken area of villa, concrete pavers with natural stone furniture

Top view of roof along with front yard landscaping

A view from main entrance towards sunken area along green wall


How to choose the perfect rooftop terrace design for home:

  • Assess your space

  • Define the purpose

  • Consider the surroundings

  • Choose the right flooring

  • Incorporate greenery

  • Enhance comfort and shelter

  • Lighting and ambiance

  • Safety measures

Best decoration items for a rooftop terrace:

  • Outdoor rugs

  • Potted plants and greenery

  • Fire pit or outdoor fireplac

  • Outdoor lighting

  • Garden statues and sculptures

  • Wind chimes and mobiles

  • Outdoor art

  • Privacy screens or plant dividers

  • Water features

  • Outdoor curtains or canopies