Modern Architecture with Landscape Design in Oman

Modern Architecture with Landscape Design in Oman

The house is made of concrete and glass, and has a large roof terrace. The car is a red sports car. The image is set against a backdrop of trees and mountains. The landscape design incorporates traditional Islamic elements, such as a water feature, fountains, and a courtyard.

Scope of Work: 

Designing | 3D visualization


Sketchup + Lumion

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incorporating traditional Islamic elements into their designs, such as water features, fountains, and courtyards.

The landscape design is also geometric, with the use of hedges, trees, and walkways that create a sense of order and symmetry.

Modern Family House with Playground and Pergola, shows a spacious backyard with a playground for children, a pergola for shade

Aerial view of a backyard with a playground

Rendering of an outdoor kitchen with a pergola.
The kitchen is located on a wooden deck and features a built-in grill, a sink, and a refrigerator. The pergola is made of wood and has a latticework roof that provides shade from the sun. The pergola is also decorated with flowers and vines.

an aerial view of a large house with a lot of windows and a two-car garage. The house is situated on a large lot with a grassy lawn and several trees. There are two cars parked in front of the house.