Inside A Designer’s Minimal Courtyard

Inside A Designer’s Minimal Courtyard

Take a look inside this designer's minimal courtyard house, which features a Japanese-inspired garden. The courtyard is a tranquil oasis in the heart of the city, providing a space for relaxation and reflection. The simple yet elegant design of the house complements the natural beauty of the garden, creating a truly serene environment.

Scope of Work:

Designing | 3D visualization


Sketchup + Lumion

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Top View of Backyard with car garage, pind area, outdoor pavers, bushes, pargolas

Curve Concrete Pavers along shrubs and bushes.
Stepping stone along with gravels and green areas

Backyard beauty is in clean grass.
isometric view of backyard landscape.
Green stepping stone concrete pavers.
A pond at the center of backayrd along with rocks and shurbs.