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Front yard landscaping

Client Aim is to design landscaping in front of house.
Upgrade a bed border
Plant ground cover to hide unsightly areas
Plant perennial shrubs in front of your house
Make a garden bed around your mailbox
Haul out old mulch and refresh
Plant a shade tree
Set up a birdbath

Front yard landscaping design and Visualization by

Tips on low-maintenance landscaping

A lot of great features and plants can add beauty to your front yard but end up taking a lot of time to maintain throughout the year. To keep things manageable, consider these tips before any front yard landscaping project.

Research the growth and maintenance of your plants before buying.

Some ground cover like Myrtle or Stonecrop can get out of hand fast, so look for varieties that only need edging one or two times a year.

Plant perennials wherever possible.

Annual flowers provide a lot of color and dimension to a flower bed, but they last for just a few months. For veteran landscapers, an easy trick is to mostly invest in perennial shrubs and bushes to do most of the work year after year, and then work in annuals if you have the time and desire.

Maintain your garden bed edges.

This does take a little work, but it’s well worth it later. By using a simple edging shovel, you can easily and quickly maintain clean lines around the features that you invested time and money to build. A good garden edge is seldom noticed, but the lack of one presents a messy look that takes time to dig out and redefine.

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