Commercial Restaurant Interior Design - Architecture Design

Commercial Restaurant Interior Design

The primary motive of a restaurant’s floor plan is to organize the available space for the requirement of furniture in the restaurant in the most efficient way.

Restaurant Interior Design and Visualization by

Software : 3ds max + Vary

What are the basic requirements for restaurant design?

Although specific layouts vary according to the type and size of the restaurant, most floor plans include similar components. The spatial arrangement within the floor plan should be in such a way that there are two primary functional spaces.

These are “the front of the house”- constituting the entrance, waiting for the lobby, POS, Dining area, Bar/Lounge are well connected to “the back of the house”- representing the kitchen, pantry, storage, service entry, and administration areas.

The designer needs to find a balance between connectivity and privacy in this area. It is essential to understand that the back of the house and its functioning needs to be hidden from the customers. This is one of the most critical parts of a restaurant design plan.

How to Design a Restaurant Floor Plan?

1. Count Your Operational Restaurant Spaces

Entry and waiting area:
Dining areas:
Delivery entrances and loading docks:
Staff areas and back office
Bar and service counters:
Takeout and delivery pickup areas:
Outdoor spaces:

2. Consider the Space You Have

Location of utilities: 
Interior elements that cannot change:
Landlord restrictions:
Zoning restrictions:

3. Design your Kitchen Layout


4. Design Your Restaurant Dining Room Layout

Restaurant Floor Plan Suggested Area Per Diner

Fine Dining18–20 square feet
Full-Service Casual Dining15–18 square feet
Countertop Diner or Bistro Service12–15 square feet

Restaurant Floor Plan Table and Chair Spacing

Occupied chairs18–20 inches
Tables set in parallel42–60 inches between sides
Tables set on a diagonal24–30 inches between corners

5. Layout Restrooms, Entryways, and Waiting Areas

Waiting Areas

6. Add Bars, Service Counters, and Delivery Areas

Order Counters
Service Counters
Delivery and Takeout Areas

7. Add Staff Areas and Back Office

Staff Entrance and Locker Room
Back Office

Call us today to schedule your consultation appointment to learn how we can help you create the Interior Design of your dreams. That is the next step to revamping your Space so you can start enjoying your Restaurant much more than you ever have before.

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