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Apartment building Design

Client Aim is to design a High rise apartment building for sale with Beautiful Exterior and functional with respect to Surrounding.
Providing Wireless bridge to connect two buildings
Apartment building Design and Visualization by Architecturedesigning.com.

What is apartment building in architecture?

Apartment house, also called apartment block, or block of flats, building containing more than one dwelling unit, most of which are designed for domestic use, but sometimes including shops and other nonresidential features.

What is difference between building and apartment?

Apartment buildings can be large or small, but the chief identifier is that the building comprises a number of units. So, unlike a house, an apartment is part of a group of homes, sometimes on several levels. Most apartments also share common areas, such as car parking, courtyards and other green spaces.

What is considered a high-rise building?

In the U.S., the National Fire Protection Association defines a high-rise as being higher than 75 feet (23 m), or about seven stories. Most building engineers, inspectors, architects and similar professionals define a high-rise as a building that is at least 75 feet tall.

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