Open lumion 11 file to lumion 10|Migrate to a newer version of Lumion|Save lumion file in low format

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How do you migrate to a newer version of Lumion?

Lets try :
in some cases it is possible by these 2 methods
Save sketchup file in low format
open lumion 11
load skp file to lumion with a name you remember
Always use category folder with these
your all projects are steamlined
now you see in documents

there are 4 files

copy these to lumion 10 library
Now turn on lumion 10
if u face channels error
you can visit youtube channel llink is in the description “
your error can be gone via these
There are 3 videos hope from these you pop up error

In some cases it is workable in some it is not

Here are 2nd Method :

Lumion are working on it hope within few weeks on new update they gave the option
if u do not convert your file or you are on dead line
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1.Here’s how
When new versions of Lumion are released, the location of a number of files (e.g. the Imported Model files in the Lumion Model Library) sometimes changes.

If you want to transfer your files and settings from an older version of Lumion to a new version, please follow the instructions below.

  1. Imported Models, Recent Project thumbnail images and favorite materials
    2.1: To transfer these files from an older version to a newer version of Lumion, please run the new version of Lumion first. Doing so will create a number of data folders in the Documents folder.

2.2: Then copy the folders as shown below (provided that they exist) and restart Lumion:

Documents\Lumion (OLD VERSION)\Library
Documents\Lumion (OLD VERSION)\Recent
Documents\Lumion (OLD VERSION)\Materials

Documents\Lumion (NEW VERSION)\Library
Documents\Lumion (NEW VERSION)\Recent
Documents\Lumion (NEW VERSION)\Materials

Example: Transferring Imported Models from Lumion 10.5 to Lumion 11
Quit Lumion and make a copy of the Library folder in Documents\Lumion 10.0\Library.
Move the copied Library folder to Documents\Lumion 11.0\Library and restart Lumion 11.

Please note that:

If you save a Scene or an Imported Model in Lumion, you cannot load the files in older versions of Lumion.
Changes in versions sometimes mean that some features are not supported or have changed in newer versions of Lumion.
After transferring your Imported Models and Scenes to a newer version, you may need to reset or adjust certain things like Photo or Movie Effects to match the way the current Lumion version works.


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