Why does Lumion need access to your computer’s Documents folder | Unable to access document folder

Lumion must be allowed to read and write data

Here’s why
Lumion must be allowed to read and write data (for example, Imported Models) in the following folder:

Documents\Lumion (VERSION)\
Occasionally, something on your PC or network might prevent Lumion from saving data in that folder.

This problem is usually caused by one or more of the following:

A lack of free space on the harddrive that the Documents folder is located on.
Insufficient Windows User Account permissions.
Overzealous anti-virus/security software.
Please follow these instructions to ensure that Lumion is allowed to read and write data in the folder.

1.1: Please right-click on ‘Lumion.exe’ in the folder that you installed Lumion in, usually [install drive]\Program Files\Lumion (Version), and select ‘Run as administrator’:


1.2: If that does not resolve the problem, please right-click on Documents\Lumion (VERSION), select Properties and click on the Security tab. Your Windows User Account must have full read/write permissions for this folder and for all sub-folders:


1.3: Then confirm that there are at least 30 GB of free space on the drive that the Documents folder is located on.

1.4: Please check if the Documents folder or any of the Lumion folders inside the Documents folder are being backed-up by back-up software, e.g. OneDrive, Gdrive, Dropbox or similar. The back-up software might ‘lock’ the imported model file before Lumion is done saving it which can result in file corruption or the file will be prevented from being saved. To check if this is the case or not, please temporarily disable the back-up software and try again.

1.5: And lastly, please add an exclusion for ‘Lumion.exe’ to your anti-virus/security software, and also an exclusion for the folder Lumion saves files to for Documents\Lumion (VERSION):