3Ds Max Startup Problem | 3Ds Max Problems and solutions

3Ds Max Startup Problem

In this 3ds max tutorial we are going to see how to solve some of the most common 3ds max issues.

3Ds Max Problems and solutions

In this 3ds max tutorial we are going to see how to solve some of the most common 3ds max issues.


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How to reset 3ds Max user preference settings back to default. The program exhibits the following behaviors:
Crashing when launched or using specific functions within the program.
UI corruption.
Slow or erratic Viewport manipulation.
Loss of keyboard shortcuts.
Material editor missing elements.
Issues linking and unlinking scene items.
Layer Manager lost essential functions such as quad menu, delete, etc.
Buttons are missing.
Microsoft Windows 7 (SP1)
Microsoft Windows 8.1
Microsoft Windows 10 (any build)

One or more user-related files may have become corrupted or are missing. This can be caused by a variety of issues, including 3ds Max plugins writing to those files, or multiple open copies of 3ds Max being closed quickly and attempting to write to the same files simultaneously.
3ds Max can be reset by deleting the user settings folder files. They will be created automatically the next time the program is launched. This process is specific to the active user login on the system as 3ds Max saves settings for each user profile in Windows.

To reset 3ds Max user preferences:
Ensure that 3ds Max is not running.

Make sure hidden files folders are visible in Windows (see How to turn on hidden files and folders on Windows).

Navigate to the following path:
C: Users username AppData Local Autodesk 3dsMax 20XX – 64bit ENU

Rename the ENU folder to ENU_old.
When 3ds Max is launched, a new ENU folder will be created.

To restore the old settings, delete the new ENU folder and rename the old folder back to ENU.

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